Adrian Emerton
Wave of the Day: A sea full of teepes
Stu Nettle

The size maintained into Day 2 for the inaugural Puerto Escondido Challenge

Stu Nettle

Event wildcard Twiggy Baker wins the Puerto Escondido Challenge and takes an early lead in the BWT rankings.

Stu Nettle

The best of the action from Round One.

Jamie Mitchell takes the front running clocking a perfect 10 as the first day draws to a close.

Jack Dekort
Wave of the Day: Keeping winter at bay on the Sunshine Coast
Mike Maxted
Wave of the Day: False surrender: Joel Reid, Byron Bay
Craig Brokensha

Take a look back on the autumn that was around Australia. Which coastlines pumped, and which coastlines just coasted.

Stu Nettle

West Australian company Shark Attack Mitigation Systems awarded contract to protect surfers at the J'Bay Open

Stu Nettle

Look down upon Tom Carroll, Barton Lynch, and a frisky pack of dolphins, as they tear up Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Cameron Staunton
Wave of the Day: Ben Kiggins pulls the trigger at Shark Island
Stu Nettle

Who cares about a book that's been out for four years?

Fortunately Andrew Kidman's 'Single' remains a timeless read.

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